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Interior design isn’t just about creating beautiful spaces, it has the power to transform your lifestyle. We are committed to forging long-term partnerships with our clients, creating robust, flexible solutions which will address the changing needs of your business’s future. Our creative expertise and the market experience with our professional services in design and development, Royal Hitec come as the best solution provider for all your commercial, retail, hospitality and residential design & build needs.

Who we are Projects

Imagination is implied as an actual space or medium in an individual's mind, and in this space it has a power to combine images and ideas to do the work of reason. Our team is highly qualified to help you in fulfilling your imagination.

World-Class Experts

We are world-class experts in the field of architectural and space management services. We place absolute importance on understanding the particular needs and wishes of our clients and providing a truly bespoke service.

Decade of Experience

We are a team of very passionate individuals with a unique vision of satisfying the clients with world class design and services. Established in 2010, Royal Hitec stands tall in handling multiple projects at the same time and delivering on time.

Professional Knowledge

We rely on our professional knowledge and advanced experience in project management to walk our clients through the process of designing, remodeling, construction and servicing with exceptional customer service.


The overall vibe of a workplace has a huge impact on your team's performance and happiness.If people are uncomfortable in the office, they're unlikely to be successful or satisfied with their jobs. The design element of an office reflects its culture, brand and values. Our team of corporate interior designers creates the most exclusive designs with new and fresh concepts of international standards.

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Customers are the success of any businesses, and the entrepreneurs, proprietors will have to attract the customers towards them and satisfy them. Customers not only look at the quality and services of the product you serve, but their purchasing decisions are highly implemented by the ambiance of your establishment, store. A successful store layout leads to good customer flow.

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Royal Hitec reputation is built on delivering world class projects with a whole of life approach and a vision that looks beyond today’s needs. We professionally do the design, planning and management of MEP engineering services. We totally understand the fact that MEP systems are responsible for the creature comfort of a building.

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Nothing beats the look, feel and warmth of natural timber. Our team builds, deliver and fit out cafes, retailers, offices, schools, and other businesses with a stylish wooden joinery of entrepreneurs’ expectations. A perfect interior design layout will maintain a balance between the functional needs and aesthetic preferences of any businesses.

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Cost-Effective Solution

Royal Hitec provide cost-effective solutions for your project management requirements resulting in significant savings for you without compromising on quality of services or results that we deliver to you. Our international design practice provides comprehensive luxury interior design and interior architecture services for residential, retail, commercial and hospitality properties. We are world-class experts in the field of architectural and decorative design. Have you ever faced a design challenge at your premises? Are you looking to transform or expand a space? Our interior design experts provide many solutions and choices to ensure the best outcome for you.

Royal Hitec is your go-to design company that provides the best solutions for your spaces. Enjoy the innovative and inspiring designs that seamlessly fit your lifestyle, budget and timeline. Prepare to be dazzled by the amazing designs that are created by Royal Hitec. Here at Royal Hitec, we take inspiration from the beauty of nature and turn it into a design that can make your spaces more inviting and inspiring.⁣⁣ Browse through our latest collections to find the perfect piece that speaks to your style and transforms your living space with the power of interior design.⁣⁣

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Flexible Design Solution

  • Attention To Detail

    Attention to detail is key – and we know just what it takes to make each and every corner of your office or home something special. So don’t delay: create a space you’re proud of, with help from Royal Hitec

  • Personalized Services

    Our team comprises experts with many years of experience in consulting, engineering and project management. We leverage our vast knowledge and network to provide personalized tailored solutions for our clients. With Royal Hitec, be assured that your projects will run smoothly from start to finish taking into consideration the timelines, budgets and quality standards specified by you.

  • Creative Expression

    Looking to bring your design ideas to life? With Royal Hitec, you can! We offer unique and inspiring solutions that will help turn any room into the perfect space for creative expression.

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We are committed to forging long-term partnerships with our clients, creating robust, flexible solutions which will address the changing needs of your business. Call Us Now: +97150 7774269

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